Oral Presentation Australasian Association of Bioethics & Health Law and New Zealand Bioethics Conference

Student perceptions of learning about medical ethics in clinical case-based tutorials (1034)

Nicole Shepherd 1 , Iulia Oancea 1 , Ben Barry 1 , Sharon Darlington 1
  1. University of Queensland, St Lucia, QUEENSLAND, Australia

Competition for time within medical curricula is fierce, therefore it is important to find an effective means of delivering ethics education.  Students enjoy learning about ethics using realistic scenarios that allow them to explore aspects of clinical science, ethics and professional practice.  In this presentation we report on student perceptions of learning about ethics through case-based learning sessions.  First year medical students were surveyed in 2018 (n=37). Results showed they were confident in their ability to recognise and discuss ethical issues, but were frustrated with that the ethical aspects of the cases were underdeveloped and discussion was not supported by some tutors.  In 2019, we introduced further training for tutors, developed new cases focusing on ethical issues, and a more explicit integration between lectures and case based learning sessions.  The survey will be repeated with first year students in September 2019, and the results will be compared to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach.  The findings will be relevant for medical educators and ethics teachers.