Submitter Withdrawn Australasian Association of Bioethics & Health Law and New Zealand Bioethics Conference

WORKSHOP (90 Minutes): How to set up and Run a Clinical ethics group  (819)

Fiona Miles 1 , Tim Dare 2 , Robinson Jackie 1 , Denvir Jo 1 , Biddick Susanne 1
  1. ADHB, Ponsonby, AUCKLAND, New Zealand
  2. Philosophy, University of Auckland , Auckland , NZ

 Clinical dilemmas are frequently encountered in hospitals relating to novel treatments, clinical scenarios and equity relating to resource issues. Clinicians are increasingly seeking support to address these dilemmas. The ADHB hospital ethics committee meets regularly to address clinical issues according to a process of robust ethical argument. This interactive workshop aims to provide an insight into how this ethics committee is run and the challenges faced, and enable attendees to come to their own conclusions about how to run an ethics committee through discussion and role playing a clinical scenario.