Mascha J Hoexum-Moerenburg Australasian Association of Bioethics & Health Law and New Zealand Bioethics Conference

Mascha J Hoexum-Moerenburg

Mascha is a certified facilitator of moral case deliberations using the dilemma method, developed by the Vrije University (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). She has an extensive international career as a clinical Speech Language Therapist spanning nearly 25 years. Mascha has worked in acute, community and rehabilitation settings in the Netherlands (11 years), the United Kingdom (3 years) and New Zealand (9 years). She specialises in the assessment and treatment of acquired and congenital (neurological) communication & swallowing disorders in both the adult and paediatric population. During her time in the Netherlands Mascha was able to join the education program for facilitators of moral case deliberations. This has given her insight into how clinical ethical issues could be addressed more directly within a clinical setting, while at the same time providing ethics education for the wider multidisciplinary team involved. Since her return to New Zealand in 2017 it has been Mascha’s ambition to start a clinical ethics consulting service focussing on moral case deliberations using the dilemma method.

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